Who do I contact if I have queries or complaints about my data protection?

You should contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) for the DiscoverEU initiative. The DPO has the role to act as intermediaries between relevant stakeholders.

On the Contractor’s behalf: mydata@start-discover.eu, Boulevard du Souverain 280, B-1160 Brussels, Belgium.
On the European Commission’s behalf: Head of Unit, “Youth policy”, Rue Joseph II 70, B-1049, Brussels, email: EAC-EYP@ec.europa.eu.
If you have further queries or complaints, you can also contact:
The Data Protection Coordinator of DG EAC: eac-data-protection@ec.europa.eu
The European Commission Data Protection Officer: data-protection-officer@ec.europa.eu
In case of conflict, complaints can be addressed to the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) http://www.edps.europa.eu
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