Can you explain Interrail Pass reservations?

Are reservations included in my DiscoverEU Interrail Pass? 

Reservation costs are not included in your Interrail pass. 

Do I have to make reservations?

No, reservations are only required for some trains. In almost all countries you just hop on, find an empty seat and show your Interrail pass when asked by the conductor, there's nothing more to pay.  

  • Countries where reservations are seldom needed:  Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Great Britain, & Ireland.
  • Countries where an extra-cost reservation is almost always needed:  France, Italy, Spain, Portugal; & Sweden. 
  • In Central & Eastern Europe the situation varies, some trains you can just hop on, other trains require a seat reservation, as shown in the timetables with an 'R' symbol. If you need a reservation, it usually only costs 2€-4€ and can be made at the station until shortly before departure, no big deal.
  • Overnight sleeper trains:  You always need to pay a supplement and make a reservation for a sleeper or couchette on overnight trains, in all countries.  

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How do I make reservations for my Interrail pass? 

First, you will need to complete your personal booking form, and wait for the Order Confirmation email that will be sent to you by Interrail. This email will have your Order Number, which you will need to make a reservation.

Reservations for an Interrail Travel Pass can be made through two different services: 

  1. Via the Interrail Self-Service, you can book up to 3 hours before your train's departure. You can use the Self-Service to make reservations for trains in Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and the Benelux. 
  2. Via the Interrail Reservation Service, you can book for all other countries, and up to 8 days before your train's departure date. 

How far in advance can I make reservations for my Interrail pass? 

  • For 'normal' trains, you can start making reservations  2 months before your train's departure. 
  • For most high-speed and night trains, up to 3 months in advance. Many of these trains get fully booked, so we advise you to make your reservations at least 2 months in advance.

Please note that if you have any question reguarding train bookings or reservations you can write to Interrail to the following address:

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