What are the consequences of the Brexit on my trip ?

The European Union and the United Kingdom have reached to an agreement which initialized the procedures of the Brexit. You can find below the conditions to your travel from and to the UK. 

Until 31 January 2020

The current situation is maintained. This means that travelers can visit the UK during their DiscoverEU trip and the UK citizen can leave their country of residence. All you need is your valid personal identification document (national ID card, or passport). 

From the 1st February 2020

The Brexit transition period will be maintained until the 31st December 2020. Therefore, the situation described above will remain the same. 

The access to and exit from the United Kingdom after this date will depend on further negotiations and agreement between the British Government and the European Union. 

British DiscoverEU applications in 2020

The European Commission has agreed to allow young travelers of 18 years old from the UK to participate in the 5th round of DiscoverEU. Further information will be communicated on the European Youth Portal

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