Covid-19: What is the EU Digital COVID Certificate?

As of 1 July 2021, EU citizens who are vaccinated, have recently recovered, or tested negative have the right to request the EU Digital COVID Certificate. This certificate aims to  facilitate safe travel within the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is free of charge. This certificate can be used across all EU countries as well as in Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway.

How will the EU Digital COVID Certificate help me in practice?

The EU Digital COVID Certificate allows you to move freely within the European Union, as the EU countries will refrain from imposing additional travel restrictions to the holder of this certificate. Additional measures can only be put in place if they are necessary and proportionate to the safeguard of public health. The EU Digital COVID Certificate only includes necessary information as well as a digital signature to assess the authenticity of the certificate. It appears as a QR code on your smartphone, but it can also be printed.

Do I have the right to apply for the EU Digital COVID Certificate?  

You have the right to receive the EU Digital COVID Certificate in the following three cases:

If you have been vaccinated: 

  • Already after the first dose of the vaccine, you will be allowed to receive the certificate, but the number of doses will be clearly stated. 
  • If you have recovered from COVID-19 and you have been vaccinated with only one dose, the certificate should state that you have been fully vaccinated. 
  • If you were vaccinated before the issue of the EU Digital COVID Certificate, you have the right to receive a vaccination certificate in the new format.
  • All vaccines available in the European Union are accepted.

If you obtained a negative test:

  • Only NAAT tests (including RT-PCR tests) are always accepted. They are valid for 72 hours.
  • Rapid antigen tests might be accepted, but it depends on the decision of the specific Member State (check the local requirements). If accepted, they are valid for 48 hours.
  • Self-tests are not accepted.

If you recovered from COVID-19:

  • The certificate can be issued no earlier than 11 days after the first positive test.
  • Antibodies test cannot be used to obtain a recovery certificate.
  • The maximum validity period of the certificate of recovery is 180 days.

How can I apply for the EU Digital COVID Certificate? 

National authorities are in charge of issuing the EU Digital COVID Certificate (e.g. test centres, health authorities, eHealth portals). More specific information on how to receive the certificate should be provided by your national authorities. 

More information can be found on the following websites:

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