What is the DiscoverEU Green Route?

The DiscoverEU Green Route passes through all the European Union cities that are environmentally friendly.

While planning your DiscoverEU trip, if you pictured yourself visiting the cities by bicycle using safe biking roads, walking in a city with a good air quality, relaxing in a park, be close to the nature and the wildlife, then look no more, these routes are perfect for you!

Whether you plan to visit the west of Europe, the south, the north or the east, these routes will take you to the best green parks and natures reserves that Europe has to offer. A lot of projects are being implemented in these cities in order to make them greener and more sustainable, and some of these cities have even been awarded with the title of “European Green Capitals” and “Green Leaf title winners”.

How to find these green cities?

Follow the DiscoverEU Green Route and click on the leaves on the map of the European Youth Portal to learn about amazing cities that are both great to visit and environmentally friendly. 

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